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posterHello, I’m Jamie Hoult, I founded Stop Homophobic Attacks back in February 2014 as just a simple Facebook page for a few friends and family to learn more about the effects that bulling and attacking someone because of their sexuality can have on someone but since then it seems to have just blown up into a worldwide service which is helping people learn and get involved in campaigning against Knife Crime, I’m only 20 and to have over 870 and rising (Since this was published) I’m glad SHA is starting to make a difference to one person at a time.


Hey, I’m Jody Chatfield, I co-founded SHA along with Jamie Hoult to try and make a difference in people’s lives, help promote awareness and to use my free time to help others. I’m 23 years old and I’m a professional cleaner. I hope we can persuade people like charities,local councils and the government, to enforce stronger laws and help those that are in need.

The campaign has grown massively over the past eight months, we’ve grown into not only the U.K but also parts of Australia, U.S.A, Canada and  many other countries which is a big achievement for a small campaign. I am glad to be apart be apart of this.